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Concise and very informational

Just started listening to this podcast on infinite banking. These guys do a good job of being short, to the point, and make it very down to earth for the layman. Most infinite banking podcast are an hour long and give you about 10 minutes of good info.

Excellent Information

After reading Becoming Your Own Banker by Nelson Nash, I was hungry for more information on the topic. The Fifth Edition was my answer, and the two John’s have provided a great resource to better understand IBC and to look at current financial affairs through an IBC lens. Great content, keep up the good work!

Wealth of knowledge

These guys take something that may seem complicated to an every day person like me and simplify it to the point where it clicks! I have realized so many other channels of financial value in my life since listening. I’d recommend setting up a consult with them as well, very knowledgeable and down to earth guys. Thanks!

No fluff, just useable info

These guys really get straight to the point and open my eyes a little more with each episode

Everyone should be listing to this podcast!

John and John do a great job breaking down IBC into easily understandable parts. I stumbled across IBC 4 years ago and got my first policy in place with John Montoya. He was a great teacher of the concept and I am now “becoming my own banker”. Everyone needs to learn how to become their own banker in my opinion so that they can help take control of their financial future.

Great inputs to help people understand the value of implementing IBC in your life :)

It’s real

Finally some real tangible and direct information through credible practitioners. This show has given me confidence in this system. These guys break it down and truly give you the right information you need to know about this concept. I am fully bought in to this system after listening to this show.

Great stuff

Loving this podcast series; I have a starter policy so this is great way to keep me “fresh” especially when sharing the concept with friends and family as well as keeping the more advanced concepts in “sight” for when I’m ready to take the next step!


John & John have created an exceptional podcast diving into a topic which is typically difficult to understand by yourself. They do an excellent job of staying on topic, on point, and explaining the concepts of IBC in a very easy to understand manner. I listen to the Lara Murphy podcast and have subscribed to this podcast as it’s up there with must listens from IBC practitioners/educators. Looking forward to continued content. Keep up the excellent work.