Aug. 1, 2022

An IBC Retirement Strategy

Join us for our first video podcast where we present a strategy, using The Infinite Banking Concept®, to make all of your past financial decisions work even better to support a long, worry-free retirement!

Join us for our first video podcast where we do a full presentation on an IBC Retirement Strategy!


We can almost draw a line in the sand separating the time before and after discovering The Infinite Banking Concept®.

As such, our financial lives are now divided in two:

  1. All of the possible future decisions that can be made through the implementation of IBC.
  2. All of the past decisions that we've already made prior to discovering IBC.

Decisions made in the past were made with our best thinking at the time. They now, however, may seem suboptimal, knowing what we know about IBC.

Whole life insurance is an asset that gives us the unique ability to make our future *and* past decisions work even better than we hoped - at the same time.

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