June 3, 2022

IBC and Breaking Bad

IBC and Breaking Bad

In this episode, we go a little off-script and share a discussion we happened to record that ended up on the "cutting room floor."

We talk about the ground-breaking tv show, "Breaking Bad," and how decisions have consequences!

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Welcome to episode 50 where John and I have some fun and go a bit off topic to discuss one of the best TV shows of all time. You'll learn how with just a little bit of sound financial planning our favorite character, Walter White, could have left his family the legacy he actually intended.

Instead he became the infamous Heisenberg that led to so much societal mayhem and an epic fall from grace over 5 seasons of the best character arc ever created. The lesson here: the financial choices you make (or don't make) have consequences. We hope you enjoy the episode!

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- Hi, everybody. This is John Montoya

- And this is John Perrings.

- We're authorized Infinite Banking practitioners and hosts of The Fifth Edition. Welcome to Episode 50 IBC and Breaking Bad. This originally was a conversation John Perrings and I had two years ago and we thought we would roll it out when the time was right. And on the heels of Episode 49, the moral case for IBC I think this is a good time because in the previous episode, I discussed right and wrong. Is IBC right? Is it right for you? Is it right for your family? And is it right for society? And all above the board. Yes, absolutely. And what happens when you don't take care of yourself and your family? Well, society decays. So, we hope you enjoyed this episode. It's a short one. And here you go.

- I started watching Breaking Bad again. So, I know you're a, you're a fan of the of Breaking Bad. I think I was inspired by our conversations.

- Just don't get into any bad habits.

- Of like what type, binge watching Netflix?

- No, I mean, I mean the meth building empire.

- Yes. Well, I mean, how else are we supposed to use our life insurance cash value? I mean, think of the returns we could get on. I'm just kidding.

- Yeah. You just gotta find some methylamine.

- Yeah.

- A really good chemist to show you the ropes. Of course, you do need a distribution channel.

- That's right. That's true.

- So.

- That's probably the hardest, the hardest part of it. All I gotta do is find a chemist, the high school chemistry teacher with cancer and I should be I should be good to go with that part of it. Should be easy.

- Just make sure you get a really large policy before you do all these things.

- Right, right. Oh yeah. Yeah. Yeah. It was like, I think we already talked about it. I mean, I was, I think I'm on like episode three or something. And like if he had life insurance, he would that he would've never even done it. It would be over episode one. Done.

- Right. Even, even a term policy, maybe. You know, depending how long of a term he purchased, but yes. Some sort of life insurance policy, and he could have just enjoyed the rest of his days with his family.

- Yep.

- Yeah. Pretty amazing though. I, I just. I, I love the the character arc in that show. How he just-

- Yeah.

- was, you know, a chemistry teacher and then became this menace to society. And it happened all in the space of, I mean essentially two years. But over that first year you really start to see that metamorphosis. And it just, it's it's a complete story arc, which is so rare.

- Yeah, really. Yeah. I totally agree. It's it, it's one of those shows that did a good job with the, the actual story arc. Like, you know, you go to a show like Lost and it's like what is this show even about? Like you could tell they didn't really have like much of a plan for that. Whereas this was, this was definitely, definitely different. And to your point, what's interesting is not only did he become a villain, but like re-watching, you know these first few episodes. He had that whole thing where he started that company when he was young. And then got-

- Right.

- Got screwed. And so kind of was this brow beaten man who kind of like had to, you know, he went to something that is good. Like high school chemistry teacher is important, but maybe wasn't his like passion. So, this whole thing sort of forced him to like go back into that previous opportunity of like being able to like run his own thing, but just went all the way with it. And became a complete tyrant and did the whole thing. So, it's, I mean, lot of really good stuff in that, in that show.

- You know, you, you mentioned the TV show Lost

- Mm-hmm

- And how they really didn't have a plan.

- Yeah.

- This for me is, is how Breaking Bad really changed TV and why-

- Mm-hmm

- It's one of the best shows. I think of all time. Prior to Breaking Bad, you had network TV, which really-

- Mm-hmm

- Didn't have a plan in place-

- Right.

- For their shows. You look at a TV show like Lost, which I, I love too. And, and people will love or hate the ending to that show. I personally-

- Right.

- Liked it.

- Mm-hmm

- And I'm in the minority there. But the thing with network TV at that time is that you had how many episodes in a season? I think like 26? and you had-

- Yeah

- To have all these filler episodes that basically didn't go anywhere or didn't add to what was happening in the previous week. That tends to muddle up the show. And with Breaking Bad, you had a, A to Z. This is where it's gonna start. This is where it's gonna end. And so, it was the first TV show that was really built out like that, that I can think of. And you know what it got me thinking too. While you were saying that, talking about Lost. About having a plan in place. Well, you think about what we're doing to kind of tie this all back to Infinite Banking.

- Mm-hmm

- This is a definite plan that has a starting point and an end point.

- Yeah.

- And the freedom to do, you know, what you will in between. For traditional type of financial planning, there really isn't that aspect of an end game. It's, I mean, you kind of have a, like I hope it's gonna be this, but I don't know-

- Right.

- And I've really gotta put a lot of money towards it and, and hope and pray and manage and, and hopefully get there. But there, there, there are no guarantees whatsoever. No blueprint to get you to where you want to be by that timeframe. And so, in a way, I, I sort of liken IBC to the arc of Breaking Bad, because-

- Mm-hmm

- You know you can see this metamorphosis with Walter White happen over time. And ultimately, you know, he's gonna, you know it's not gonna end well,

- But it will end. You know, there's, you know, it's coming and you're on the edge of your seat the whole way and it just gets better and better.

- Yeah.

- And that's kinda the way IBC is too in a way in that it gets better and better. And, you know, ultimately even if you pass away tomorrow, next week, next year, or 20 years from now, there's a end, end game to it.

- Yeah.

- And everything's gonna work out exactly the way you want it, even if you're not around to see it.

- That's right. And it ends up well for your family -

- You know, regrets.

- Yeah. That's, I mean, that's good. It's like Breaking Bad versus Lost. You know, what you wanna, you wanna a full plan? Or full story arc? Or do you wanna just kinda fly by the seat of your pants?

- And not only that, but do you wanna make the right choice for your family? Well, in advance and you can do that by simply going out and getting approved for a life insurance policy doesn't necessarily have to be an IBC whole life policy. Preferably, because it does have the guaranteed legacy. Yes. But you can avoid going from Walter White to Heisenberg by simply getting a term policy. Hopefully at a minimum, at least do that. Don't be forced into making poor decisions because life happens. Go out and take care of yourself. Take care of your family. Do what's best for their interests. And ultimately you'll find that no matter what comes your way, you have the peace of mind knowing that you've taken care of your family. And you can avoid all the poor decision making that ended up derailing Walter White's legacy and ultimately led to his demise.

Well, that's gonna do it for this episode, episode 50. Thank you for hanging with us. Hope you enjoyed this kind of behind the scenes dialogue that John and I had ended up on the cutting room floor, but we saved it, preserved it. And two years later, here you go. If you have questions about Infinite Banking, and you would like to avoid becoming like Heisenberg, let us know, reach out to us. We're happy to answer all the questions that you have at You can book an appointment with us Send a message to ask some questions. We'll reach out and help answer any questions that you have. Thanks again, and take care.