Feb. 2, 2021

Getting Started With IBC In Your 30s

Getting Started With IBC In Your 30s
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In this week's episode, we explore the importance of getting started with Infinite Banking in your 30's. At this point in life, your career is likely coming into focus but your idea of what constitutes a financial plan may be predicated on what your employer told you should do but planning for a retirement at an age when you may be starting a family and buying your first home could mean dealing with debt and other financial responsibilities that could potentially set you back a decade... unless you discover what we did about Infinite Banking in your 30's!

It's now time to take of those kid's gloves for good and get serious about building a foundation for your money that will serve you now and for all of the stages in your life.

Take a listen and reach out to the hosts to learn how you can get started with Infinite Banking at

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