Nov. 12, 2022

The Catch Up Provision of a Whole Life Insurance Policy

The “Catch Up Provision” in the PUA rider of many whole life policies allows you to catch up with missed PUA premium from prior y…

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Oct. 26, 2022

IBC, HSAs, Health, and the Freedom to Heal

As a business owner, Kelly started IBC as a way to be more efficient with her cash flow. Little did she know that, years later, t…

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Sept. 20, 2022

Do the Financial Rules Still Apply?

This week, we tackle a listener question: “Will the traditional rules of finance hold strong or will the rules change in the n…

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Aug. 19, 2022

IBC and the Financial Art of War

There is no "offense and defense" in your financial life. This is not a game. It's war.

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Aug. 1, 2022

An IBC Retirement Strategy

Join us for our first video podcast where we present a strategy, using The Infinite Banking Concept®, to make all of your past fi…

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June 22, 2022

How To Avoid IBC Amnesia

It's not uncommon people forget why they bought a policy and are paying premiums. They get IBC "amnesia." In this episode, we dis…

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June 3, 2022

IBC and Breaking Bad

In this episode, we go a little off-script and share a discussion we happened to record that ended up on the "cutting room floor.…

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May 18, 2022

The Moral Case For IBC

n previous episodes we've explained the strategy, covered the benefits, and highlighted best practices, but in this episode we ar…

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April 23, 2022

IBC: How Much Premium Should You Pay?

A question we are often asked by new clients, just starting their IBC journey is "how much should I fund a policy?" Or "How much …

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April 2, 2022

Infinite Banking for Your Children

When is the right time to implement The Infinite Banking Concept for children and how do you do it? We talk about everything y…

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March 5, 2022

Large Lump Sums of Cash with Infinite Banking®

How can you put a large lump sum of cash in a whole life insurance policy? In this episode, we will discuss two strategies and th…

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Feb. 22, 2022

Thinking About Taxes With IBC

In this episode we share some thoughts on taxes. In Becoming Your Own Banker, Nelson Nash likens the financial world to flying an…

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Jan. 23, 2022

Buying Real Estate With IBC

Real estate investors, more than others, perhaps, have difficulty getting comfortable with the capitalization period of a whole l…

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Jan. 1, 2022

IBC And The Fear Of Inflation

One of the biggest talking points in 2021 has been inflation with government reported CPI at numbers not seen since the early 198…

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Dec. 5, 2021

Paying Extra Interest

If you're wondering what Nelson Nash meant when he instructed Infinite Bankers to pay extra interest, this is your episode! Payin…

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Nov. 20, 2021

What Is Different About the New Whole Life Products?

At the end of last year, December 2020, Congress passed the Consolidated Appropriations Act. In addition to its many stimulus mea…

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Nov. 7, 2021

Policy Design: Rate of Return vs. IBC Based Principles

One of the classic mistakes people make before deciding to implement Infinite Banking is focusing on the cash value growth. We en…

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Oct. 24, 2021

Shopping For The Money

One of the best ways to ensure we maximize the Infinite Banking strategy is by understanding when we should take policy loans. Th…

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Oct. 10, 2021

Guaranteed and Non-Guaranteed Cash Values

If you're really wanting to better understand Infinite Banking, this is an important episode for you to bookmark and re-visit eve…

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Sept. 20, 2021

Why Universal Life is NOT Right For IBC®

In this episode we discuss Universal Life policies and why the Nelson Nash Institute advocates for Whole Life, and specifically n…

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Aug. 30, 2021

Infinite Banking as a Financial Bridge

In this episode we discuss how Infinite Banking provides the rare financial solution to marry the investment world (401k/mutual f…

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July 25, 2021

Why Banks Practice IBC

If you're new to Infinite Banking, you might be thinking: "I don't know anyone who does IBC". But guess what? The largest banks i…

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July 15, 2021

The "More" Asset

One of the best aspects of Infinite Banking is that it allows the work of one dollar to do the work of two dollars. Unlike a typi…

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June 22, 2021

The Why and How of IBC Convertible Term

In this episode, Infinite Banking authorized practitioners John Perrings and John Montoya cover what you need to know about conve…

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