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Feb. 17, 2023

Showdown: Short Pay vs. Long Pay Whole Life Policies

Payment duration is a hotly debated topic amongst life insurance agents and there is a lot of confusing, contradictory advice out there. Today, we are going to weigh in on the matter and help explain these policy design approaches and …

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Nov. 12, 2022

The Catch Up Provision of a Whole Life Insurance Policy

The “Catch Up Provision” in the PUA rider of many whole life policies allows you to catch up with missed PUA premium from prior years. This is a critical feature with whole life insurance and, more broadly, Infinite Banking.

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April 23, 2022

IBC: How Much Premium Should You Pay?

A question we are often asked by new clients, just starting their IBC journey is "how much should I fund a policy?" Or "How much does it cost?" The real question should be: "How much do you want to save?"

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Jan. 23, 2022

Buying Real Estate With IBC

Real estate investors, more than others, perhaps, have difficulty getting comfortable with the capitalization period of a whole life insurance policy. In this episode we break this down in detail and walk through a 30-year mo...

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Oct. 10, 2021

Guaranteed and Non-Guaranteed Cash Values

If you're really wanting to better understand Infinite Banking, this is an important episode for you to bookmark and re-visit even in the future. In this episode we discuss Guaranteed and Non-Guaranteed Cash Values and why ea...

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May 15, 2021

Liquidity and Diversification

In this week's episode we discuss how the IBC strategy brings about unrivaled liquidity and diversification to an overall financial plan. Sadly, most people think their financial plan are liquid and that their plan is fully d...

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